The Train’s Design

The train is equipped to meet the health needs of communities and to provide the educational opportunities for students to prepare them for their professional careers.

In order to meet its stringent demands, the Phelophepa Trains consists of:

  • Storage Van with a well-equipped workshop on site for repairs to either the train itself or equipment transported on the train.
  • A medical staff of 20 full time personnel who sign up for a 2-year contract and numerous students who volunteer to work on the Phelophepa for 2 weeks a year.
  • Edu-clinic: accommodating up to 25 people and equipped with a Television and video monitor
  • Admin office
  • Tele-communications control room
  • Pharmacy: comprising a pharmacy, 3 accommodation cubicles, a Shower cubicle and a bathroom
  • Roche Health Clinic: comprising 5 examination cubicles, a sluice and an office
  • Colgate Dental Clinic: comprising 2 coaches with 6 dental chairs, Offices and a storeroom
  • Psychology Clinic: comprising 2 counseling cubicles
  • Eye Clinic: comprising two coaches with fully equipped refraction rooms, an optical workshop as well as an administrative office
  • Accommodation: 4 coaches accommodating 47 people for each 2  week journey
  • Dining Car: with 10 tables seating 40 people per sitting Kitchen Car: with a walk-in refrigerator room and further accommodation for 3 people
  • Laundry: (with washing machines and tumble dryers) and a Storage Van
  • A Power Car


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