The Phelophepa Train consists of six on-board operational Clinics:The Health Clinic, The Roche Pharmacy Clinic, The Educational Clinic, The Dental Clinic, The Eye Clinic and the Psychology Clinic.

Each of these clinics have dedicated train carriages that have been specifically design to meet the needs of each clinic. Further to the on-board facilities, each clinic has an outreach program that visits surrounding areas and schools, to reach those who may not be able to make it to the train.

“The astounding numbers seen by the trains and outreach programs makes this remarkable train the worlds largest mobile hospital”

clinic logo health


The Health Clinic, sponsored by Roche Ltd., focuses on health education, the treatment of minor diseases, diabetes and cancer screening. It also provides education on preventable conditions and early detection to reduce unnecessary suffering.

The Health Clinic aims to register 18,000 patients each year and refers patients for further treatment to clinics when necessary.

A total of 91, 587 people have been reached by this clinic, through its various programs

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The Roche-sponsored pharmacy dispenses up to 20,000 prescriptions annually. Two pharmacists and their pharmacy students educate the people on the importance of taking medication correctly and provide other supplementary information.

more than 3 million prescriptions have been filled by this amazing clinic

clinic logo edu


The EduClinic, sponsored by Canon Collins Trust, offers basic healthcare awareness education to volunteer members of the community. sixteen community members attend a five-day training session that provides them with the skills necessary to assist their community long after the train has gone. This group of trainees transfers their knowledge to the entire community uplifting the standard of healthcare in the region.

Over 15,000 people have received basic health care education through the educlinic



The Dental Clinic, partially sponsored by Colgate Palmolive Company, is equipped with six dental chairs, x-ray units and state-of-the-art dental equipment. The Dental Clinic provides an ideal platform to treat each patient thoroughly delivering preventative, holistic dental advice. The treatment services include oral health, hygiene education, restorative procedures and extractions to the 10,000 patients treated each year.

Between 1994 and 2012, 348,000 children were screened by this clinic

clinic logo eye


The Eye Care clinic was the original focus of the train and consists of pre-screening areas and refraction rooms that are fully equipped with phoroptors, eye test projection charts and biomicroscopes. The Eye Clinic offers same-day service to its patients providing prescription spectacles within a few hours. good vision lays the foundation for effective schooling and a healthy nation. Approximately 20,000 patients register each year and receive the miracle of good sight.

More than 500,000 eyeglasses have been made and distributed by this clinic

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Rural communities face continuous challenges on a daily basis — poverty, illness, unemployment, HIV/AIDS and violence that are causes of acute depression and other mental disturbances. The Psychology Clinic offers solution-focused individual counseling as well as psycho-educational workshops. The program provides individuals a supportive and confidential environment with trained counselors on hand to resolve traumatic experiences.

More than 400,000 people have received counseling through the efforts of this clinic