The Phelophepa cause is

Two unique trains that operate as mobile healthcare clinics bringing much needed medical and educational services to impoverished rural areas of South Africa.

The Phelophepa Cause is nothing short of a miracle for some. The two unique Trains utilize the rail infrastructure in South Africa, to deliver vital health care to under-served areas.
With over 40 permanent staff and numerous volunteers, the train is more than a mobile hospital, it provides out-reach and educational programs and has thus far helped 14.5 million people and delivered over 500,000 pairs of eye-glasses since it rolled out in 1994.


Phelophepa brings…

Support and empowerment to so many, in areas where there is one doctor for every 5000 people, they call it the Train of Hope.

Phelophepa has won…

The 2008 prestigious United Nations Public Service Award for excellence in public service delivery and was recently recognized in Texas by the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International’s award, for making a visible difference to the lives of people in rural areas.

Phelophepa means…

“Good, clean health” in Tswana and Sotho dialects.

…and is pronounced (pay•lo•pe•pa)



Phelophepa is world-renowned.

Watch the CBS special presentation on the video…

It is a fantastic cause, nick-named by the people it serves, as the “Train of Hope”


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